Black Love

This post may not be what you expect, but I still felt the title was appropriate 🙂

On this day, in this month, I wanted to highlight the Black indies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the past year.

Ms. Lala of The Christian Crochet Addict, whom I worked with and have had the pleasure of breaking bread with, is both friend and client. I look forward to doing both in the future…and I now have a niece named Jubilee! 😉

Happy Anniversary to Brooke of Fully Spun (we met at Vogue 2019). Her marled yarn bursts with multiple colors in each skein. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it! I’m honored to be part of and looking forward to the #MagicAndJoy you’re gonna bring!!!

Nia of The Crochet Cove has a colorway called Wild Side (which I’ve named #CrimeScene in my head) that I’d ordered before we met. We were vibing on IG, and I finally got to meet her at Vogue!

I also met the A and the T of AT Haynes House Yarns at Vogue, a husband and wife team building together. #BlackLove I’d also ordered from her before we met (#BabyMonster and #GreyNotGray). I was still drawn to those colors in person, so I knew I’d made good choices!

I must now shift my support to designing so I can work through the more respectable stash of Black indie dyers I now have!


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