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Crochet Pattern Choices

It’s time for some market research, so I’ve got a poll for ya! Please click this link or vote below. Thank you!

Knitted Knockers

I had the pleasure of meeting the team from Knitted Knockers at their STITCHES Special Presentation today. I’m still searching for words… Please visit their… Read More »Knitted Knockers

About Me 2.0

Fast forwarding from 2009 to catch you up: a lot of stuff happened! #understatement It’s now 2021…thankfully!!! That being said, my major #PandemicPivots were as… Read More »About Me 2.0

To My Tribe

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, but my wish is bittersweet because 2020 has been a lot: upheaval, loss, growth, pivoting. To those who… Read More »To My Tribe