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Black Crochet & Knit Designers

Happy Vonday! Today’s post features Black crochet designers, of which I am self-published, and includes knit designers, because some do both! 🙂

Whether you’ve been doing it for years, self-published, or just dropped your first pattern, holla at me!

This list will more than likely be a work in progress. If I’ve missed anyone..slide into my DMs at @vcbcrochet and lemme know!

Yvonne Tate

Claudette Brady

Joyce Wyatt

Joan Davis

Shirley Paden

Tracey Rivers

Tian Connaughton

Jeannette Sloan

Gaye Gillespie

Fatimah Hinds

Noma Ndulovu

Maxhosa Africa

Brandi Cheyenne Harper

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