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Black Crochet Teachers

This short, paltry list speaks to the lack of teaching diversity in the fiber arts industry. I’m gonna assume y’all are out there, and I just haven’t found you yet. You don’t have to be ‘known’, or ‘popular’ to be included. If you wanna share a little about where and what you teach, that’s cool, too!

I’m not including those who teach their creations, primarily because that’s often a given with a product or niche. I’m also not including knitting because I’m tryna make a point in the false perceptions between crafts.

So…again, I’m gonna start with me, because who knows me better, right?

Yvonne Tate

Arnetta Kenney

Claudette Brady

Yvonne Cherry

I’m gonna need lots of community help for this one! If you know of anyone (whom I haven’t specifically listed on my recent posts), please let me know, and I’ll be sure to add them!!!

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