My #MarchMadness is in full effect!

These are two of my most recent projects!

Yes…I love looooong scarves!

National Crochet Month 2022

It's March, and that means it's National Crochet Month! While I'm late for the kick-off, I can assure you it's been on my mind for a while. I wanted to make grand plans,, hence me showing up late to the party! Since I didn't come up with anything new, I...

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Bavarian Crochet Scarf

It's official! My new pattern drop as a contribution to The Periwinkle Sheep's 20th Anniversary Collection is LIVE!!! Click the image to get all the deets!

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Zazzle with me!

Greetings my yarnie peeps, and Happy Black Friday! I've been cooking up something and now it's ready for public consumption! Allow me to introduce you to my new Zazzle Store!!! VonCroBead I know what you're thinking...another one? #RevenueStreams You're already...

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