National Crochet Month 2022

It’s March, and that means it’s National Crochet Month!

While I’m late for the kick-off, I can assure you it’s been on my mind for a while. I wanted to make grand plans, but…life, hence me showing up late to the party!

Since I didn’t come up with anything new, I decided to dust off the classics and promote some of my freebies in an effort to encourage you to make projects for yourself and something for charity as well!

To that end, I’m sharing with you my favorite freebies:  my first self-published crochet design…



…and my exclusive charity pattern for Warm Up America.

If tech is tech-ing the way it’s supposed to, you should be able to scroll through, print and download both patterns. If you have any questions or problems accessing them, please email me!

Bavarian Crochet Scarf

It’s official! My new pattern drop as a contribution to The Periwinkle Sheep’s 20th Anniversary Collection is LIVE!!!

Click the image to get all the deets!

Zazzle with me!

Greetings my yarnie peeps, and Happy Black Friday!

I’ve been cooking up something and now it’s ready for public consumption! Allow me to introduce you to my new Zazzle Store!!!


I know what you’re thinking…another one? #RevenueStreams

You’re already selling through Shopify, Ravelry, and ConvertKit (yes; now you can sell digital products on ConvertKit!), so why Zazzle?

Because I’m a tech junkie, and because it’s different; it allows me to put my work to work, and provide options for the crochet community!

I got the bright idea of using my swatch pictures on items my crochet peeps might like because I couldn’t find the representations I wanted.

If you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, check out the store and lemme know what you think!

Grateful for a Great Day!

If ‘when you get something that you didn’t know you needed’ was a person, that person would be me.

Maxcine, thank you for executing your vision for the Kings County Fiber Festival and inviting me to be a part of it! Be sure to connect ( so you can stay in the loop.

I’d also like to thank the vendors for bringing their beautiful work to Brooklyn to share with the world, which can always use more beauty!

My biggest thanks goes to familiar faces and new friends that I get to see at the only event I’ve left the house for during the course of this here panini. 

Your hugs and hellos have renewed my spirit with great joy which will last until we see each other again!

My first crochet design

Once upon a time a crocheter wanted to make a shawl, but was tired of the triangle-shaped ones because they don’t always provide the desired coverage, especially if one is of the fluffy variety!

And so my first design was born, and how this shawl came to be!

Hope you enjoyed my story and, once you join the list, the pattern!