Hey, y’all!  

It’s Yvonne, Chief Executive Creator of Vonne’s Crochet & Beading and Founder | Consultant of Yvonne Tate Virtual Service Provider.

Having feet in both industries as a creative and an entrepreneur, I’m heavy-hearted today.

I realize this may not be the highest of priorities for some, and with very legitimate reasons, but I’m saddened by how much the yarn and fiber industry has shifted and been disrupted over the last few years.

I’ve seen long-standing yarn companies bought out (Red Heart), long-time retailers close their doors (Smiley’s)…and now XRX, best known to most of us simply as STITCHES, is no more.

Because ‘shows’ have become vital to both vendors and consumers, losing one of this magnitude has sent a ‘hiccup’ reverberating throughout the industry.

They gave us a chance to ‘visit’ many different vendors under a single roof where we could connect with yarnies, bead buddies and fiber friends from around the world, and create opportunities to build relationships and community. 

While I do realize that the only thing constant is change, this will likely take some creative thinking and strong pivoting skills to navigate.  

I have always been adamant about the importance of having an email list because I feel it’s the best way to engage directly with your audience, regardless of how else you connect with them, or what and how many platforms you are on.

If you don’t have an email list, get one NOW.  If you do, dust it off.

My other self (@yvonnetatevsp) can support you with that.  If you’d like to banter and brainstorm, book your virtual office visit here and we can discuss your next best move!